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Global BioPharmaceutical Royalty Rates & Deal Terms Survey

The 25 most influential people in biopharma today – 2013

Valuation Analysis in Pharmaceutical Licensing and M&A Transactions

Rebuilding Big Pharma’s Business Model

Clinical Development Success Rates 2006-2015

New Approach to Pharma R&D


Corporate Finance

Equity Valuation: Models from Leading Investment Banks

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Regression Analysis in Valuation Engagements


Biotech / Pharma Reports

Beyond Borders – Matters of Evidence

Biotechnology Industry Survey

PhRMA Pharmaceutical Industry Profile

Biotech Boost

Swiss Biotech Report

Global life sciences outlook Optimism tempered by reality in a “new normal”

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Figures

The Global Use of Medicines: Outlook through 2016


Venture Capital, Private Equity & Hedge Funds

Global Healthcare Private Equity Report 2016

VC Deal Terms: Double-Dipping in the Life Sciences

Guide on Private Equity and Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs

What Do Venture Capitalists Really Do, and Where Do They Learn to Do It?


Pharma / Biotech Valuation

Which parameters are inconveniently uncertain?

The valuation of part-developed projects in the pharmaceutical sector

Early-stage valuation

The Cost of Capital for Early-Stage Biotechnology Ventures

Discount rates for Biotech companies

Real options: Do’s and Dont’s

Discount rates in drug development

Should we discount by project or by company?

Should we discount by project or by company? (continued)

How biotech stocks behave

Pharma & Biotech Development and Valuation

Real-Options Valuation for a Biotechnology Company

Application of real options analysis for pharmaceutical R&D project valuation

IP Valuation in Life Sciences



Pharma / Biotech M&A

HBM Pharma/Biotech M&A Report 2017

Global M&A Report Pharma/Biotech 2016

ii) General M&A

A simple M&A model for all seasons

Addressing corruption risk in M&A transactions

Comprehensive M&A due diligence checklist for buyers

How M&A can grow portfolio value

M&A: Using uncertainty to your advantage

Deal or no deal: Can busted M&A deals be avoided?

Where mergers go wrong


Academic articles

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

Proactive Versus Reactive M&A Activities in the Biotechnology Industry

How to improve R&D productivity: the pharmaceutical industry’s grand challenge

Productivity in pharmaceutical–biotechnology R&D: the role of experience and alliances

The cost of biopharmaceutical R&D: Is biotech different?

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