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Biotech / Pharma Reports

Financing breaks all records in 2020

2020 global life sciences outlook

Swiss Biotech Report 2020

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Figures 2020

JP Morgan – Life Sciences in a Changing World: Startup Outlook Through 2020

Biopharma leaders prioritize R&D, technological transformation, and global market presence

Venture Capital, Private Equity & Hedge Funds

How to negotiate with VCs

Understanding Venture Capital Term Sheets

Top biotech Venture Capital Funds in 2018, 2019 and 2020 

Venture capital found its footing in biotech. Then came the virus.

Swiss Venture Capital Report 2021

Probability-Weighted Expected Return Method

Biotech licensing deals

BioPharmaceutical Royalty Rates & Deal Terms Report

Biotech Valuation and Deal Structuring

R&D Licensing in the Biopharmaceutical Industry: How to Structure a Good Deal

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Deal Structuring

Maximizing Royalty Rate Opportunities in Pharma Licensing

Pharmaceutical royalties in licensing deals: No place for the 25 per cent rule of thumb

Valuations using royalty data in the life sciences area—focused on anticancer and cardiovascular therapies

Determining Pharmaceutical Royalties

Considering Pharmaceutical Royalties

Analyzing Intellectual Property Royalty Rate Data

Milestone payments in biopharma: negotiating an equitable value allocation

Biotech Valuation

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Basics

Putting a price on Biotechnology

Valuation Analysis in Pharmaceutical Licensing and M&A Transactions

The Cost of Capital for Early-Stage Biotechnology Ventures

Cost of Capital for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Firms

Probabilistic Forecasting of Pharmaceutical Projects and Portfolios

Should we discount by project or by company?

Should we discount by project or by company? (continued)

Application of real options analysis for pharmaceutical R&D project valuation

IP Valuation in Life Sciences

Regression Analysis in Valuation Engagements


HBM Pharma/Biotech M&A Report 2020A Decade of

Biopharma M&A and Outlook for 2020

A simple M&A model for all seasons

How will deals done now deliver what the health ecosystem needs next?

Global Healthcare Private Equity and M&A Report 2020

Europe’s biotech renaissance

R&D productivity / R&D costs / Clinical success rates

How to improve R&D productivity: the pharmaceutical industry’s grand challenge

Ten years on – Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation

The cost of biopharmaceutical R&D: Is biotech different?

Clinical Development Success Rates 2006-2015

Productivity in pharmaceutical–biotechnology R&D: the role of experience and alliances

R&D Costs and Productivity in Biopharmaceuticals

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