Pharmaceutical Industry Profile Report

Pharmaceutical Industry Profile Report

You can download the Pharmaceutical Industry Profile report free of charge from the link below:

Pharmaceutical Industry Report

The report contains the following four chapters:

Chapter 1: Global Pharmaceutical Market

Chapter 2: Solutions to Challenges

Chapter 3: Global Players

Chapter 4: Overview of Industry Trends

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2 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical Industry Profile Report

  1. Bent F.

    Dimitris, figure 2.3 and figure 2.4 both contain the graphic line Total Value of (Disclosed) Deals, however which is which? Across indications or across years?

    1. Dear Bent F.,

      My apologies for the late response. The total value of disclosed deals. I am sorry if it is not clear. Diagram 2.3 refers to total value by year (all indications). Diagram 2.4 sums up all deals from 2008 to 2013 which is then segmented by therapeutic area. I hope it is more clear.

      Thank you for your point!

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